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Biomarker Discovery and Companion Diagnostics

Bridge discovery knowledge to clinical results to increase success rates

Biomarker Discovery and Validation to Improve Patient Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Therapeutic Benefit

De-risk therapeutic development through early identification of candidate biomarkers and clinical evaluation of companion diagnostics (CDx, Japanese market only). Use our biomarker discovery services and CDx development to advance your preclinical and clinical therapeutic candidates with:

  • In-depth biological insight into mechanisms of action and pharmacodynamics
  • Enhanced trial design and patient stratification through data-informed trial decisions
  • Improved clinical trial success using predictive or prognostic biomarkers

Harness Our Expert Biomarker Discovery Platform for Your Precision Medicine Solutions

Robust and sensitive biomarkers are paramount to identifying the right patient population and cancer indication(s) for specific therapeutics, including combination therapies. Our biomarker discovery expertise spans a wide range of disciplines to guide every step of the process, and overcome your internal data, resource, and analysis challenges.

Biomarker Discovery and Companion Diagnostics Benefits

Achieve the optimal outcome for clinical trials with biomarkers that are statistically accurate and biologically relevant.

  • Corroborate clinical-preclinical data
  • Evaluate the predictive value of potential biomarkers
  • Identify genomic signatures corresponding to treatment response
  • Rescue previously ‘unsuccessful’ drugs
  • Improve patient stratification
  • Achieve rapid drug and CDx market and reimbursement approval (Japanese market only)

Biomarker Discovery

Biomarker Analysis Services

Identify, qualify, and validate biomarkers through our integrated biomarker testing services using:

  • Well-characterized in vivo, ex vivo, and in vitro models as reliable, clinically relevant test systems for functional and efficacy evaluation
  • A comprehensive menu of validated genomic and proteomic assays to understand drug MoA
  • Extensive datasets collected over decades of research covering thousands of models, including growth curves, sequencing data, and pharmacological data including mouse clinical trials (MCTs)
  • Proprietary bioinformatics solutions using in-house and public datasets enabling systematic analysis of genomics and proteomics
  • Expert in-house team to guide experimental design, high complexity analyses, and result interpretation
  • Renowned expertise in the development of high quality in vitro diagnostics reagents and laboratory tests for biomarker CDx (Japanese market only)

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